Police Patrol Ambushed

Berlin, 11th march 2018

During the night of Saturday to Sunday, we ambushed a group of police on patrol in their car with stones.

The patrol was helmeted and on assignment to occupy and terrorize our neighborhood. Nothing new from the Nordkiez..but it is time to attack again.

Our stones are meant as retaliation for the ID controls of the past few weeks. In addition, the struggle of the Apoistic Youth and the Autonomous Groups in Berlin should be supported by forcing the units of the counter-insurgency to use there forces here.

For us, Berlin is an epicenter of the capitalist forces, in the form of technologisation, in the form of the integration of everything into the logic of self-evaluation and social control and in the form of warfare, in loyal friendship with fascist autocrats worldwide.

We are against it and do not participate in their backlash against the Revolution

AZ Silvio Meier

Source: Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News