This website is an attempt to cover, publicise and translate any reported direct action from Germany apart from the mass-media mediation game. It aims to provide an open database and resource system about any confrontative, direct action against State and Capital, as against its various agents.

Needless to say, we aim to document any action produced by those who began to act in the ongoing social war, say the ones who actively fight to overcome capitalist relationships towards a world liberated from exploitation, genderroleshit, religion, classes and nations (and all the rest of course). Which means that nazis, autonomous or not, religious-freaks and all similar nerds can get the fuck out here!

We want to improve the circulation of news about such actions in Germany as well elsewhere in the world: too often we noticed a huge lack of news of this kind reaching the rest of the world, as within the given german borders. We think is important to improve such a circulation, in order to possibly inspire people around and show that resistance is various, widespread and necessary, on different levels, here no less than in the rest of the world. In times of widespread internet usage, which often substitutes other source of informations such as self-published journal (way more interesting than internet…), we decided to make as well a use of this mean in order to reach a wider audience, but being well-aware of the inner limitations that such a tech-no-logical mean represents.

This blog is independent from any group or individual whose actions may be published here and vice-versa. To contribute with a translation, suggestion, link and so on, you can contact us.

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We took this text thankfully from directactionde.ucrony.net